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3D shapes and figures rendering

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PIXGEN, it simply means "pixels generator" or generator pixels in French.
This is a set of classes and methods to generate images or image portions.
Images are generated by mathematical calculations and algorithmic methods.
In this text, the reader will find detailed examples and concise explanations of generations of images.

The image generators such as LOGO, AUTOCAD, video games, etc.., Are good examples. They illustrate the ability to generate drawings, figures, calculations and bybinary instructions. Another thing is the application Photorealistic, Photoshop, raytracers, etc..
The field is particularly large. We will focus, for example, the representation of three-dimensional space (architecture, portraits, landscapes), graphics such as "LOGO" ortattoo, mapping (data representation), the creation of cartoons, the calculation and fractalmathematics.

My work does not aspire to a very great originality. The results may not convince the partyof you who can work without the latest tools.
Since 1995 I worked sue applications generating images. At the time I was using an IDEcalled Turbo Pascal 6. I Generais fractal images in the manner of Fractint software. Now I am using Java 6 and Eclipse. The difference is minor ... It's like the difference between acar and a 1996 car in 2011. Calculations and displays the results obtained with the same speed.
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